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Online Lectures

Below are a few sample lectures and retreat talks. Audio and Video recordings of all lectures and retreat talks given at the Ramakrishna Vedanta Society of North Texas are available at the Center.



1. Sunday Discource at the Center - Vedic Rishi Ideal:

Ramakrishna and the Vedic Rishi Ideal - Part 1

Vedic Rishi Ideal and Its Relevance Today - Part 2

Pravrajika Brahmaprana
May 18 & 25, 2014
2. Yoga Hour with Yogacharya O'Brian:

Say Good-bye to Fear: Courageous Living through Yoga and Vedanta - Yoga Hour with Yogacharya O'Brian

Pravrajika Brahmaprana
March 10, 2014
3. Sunday Discource at the Center:

Ramakrishna is the Sutra - Vivekananda is the Commentary

Pravrajika Brahmaprana
March 9, 2014
4. Spiritual Retreat - Cleansing the Toxins of the Mind

Bull and the Mosquito

Cleansing the Toxins of the Mind - Talk 1

Cleansing the Toxins of the Mind - Talk 2

Cleansing the Toxins of the Mind - Talk 3

Swami Atmajnanananda
March 9-11, 2012
5. Spiritual Retreat - Spirituality in Action

Levels of Well Being

Spirituality in Action - Talk 1

Spirituality in Action - Talk 2

Spirituality in Action - Talk 3

Spirituality in Action - Talk 4

Swami Atmarupananda
July 28 - August 2, 2011
6. Spiritual Retreat - Spiritual Self Development and Wisdom of Kena Upanishad

Spiritual Significance of Kalpataru Day

Kena Upanishad - Talk 1

Kena Upanishad - Talk 2

Arise Awake!

Vivekananda's Message of Strength

Swami Sarvadevananda
January 1-6, 2010
7. Spiritual Retreat - Ramakrishna as the Guru

Informal talk on Guru

Informal talk on Mantra

Informal talk on Ishta

Ramakrishna as the Guru

Power of the Mantra

Swami Swahananda
March 4-8, 2009
Quote of the day
As pure water poured into pure water becomes the very same, so does the Self of the illumined man or woman verily become one with the Godhead.
- Katha Upanishad

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Pravrajika Brahmaprana, Resident Minister

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