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119-125 W. Scotland Drive, Irving, TX 75062 Phone: 972-252-4673 (HOPE)

New Building Project - Vivekananda Congregation Hall


The 2014-2015 project objective was to establish a beautiful Vedanta Center Complex, approved and recognized by the City of Irving. The present Vedanta Center with the Vivekananda Congregation Hall now provides a sanctuary and sufficient meeting space for spiritual talks, classes, retreats, workshops, special worships, and cultural programs - as well as adequate parking for the attendees.

Timeline of Construction

In the spring of 2014, the building site was purchased and Mr. Vahid Sadr was hired as the Society's architect and contractor.

On Sunday August 10th, Swami Ishatmananda, Head of the Vivekananda Vedanta Society of Chicago, and Pravrajika Brahmaprana, in the presence of the devotees, conducted the Bhumi Puja for the new Vivekananda Hall and complex. The Bhumi Puja is a special worship to Sri Ramakrishna and Sri Sarada Devi, with an offering to Mother Earth (Bhumi), seeking Her forgiveness for displacing the living creatures on the new grounds as well as requesting Her blessings for the protection of the Lord's newly consecrated building site. Following the worship there was a devotee procession to the building site, where the sankalpa (vow) of special offered articles was placed in the ground along with prasad flowers that had been offered to Sri Ramakrishna in the Hollywood Vedanta temple. Devotees also offered prayers along with their flower offerings at the site, as Swami Ishatmananda chanted from the scriptures.

Bhumi Puja - Vivekananda Hall Bhumi Puja - Vivekananda Hall Bhumi Puja - Vivekananda Hall Bhumi Puja - Vivekananda Hall

Bhumi Puja for the Vivekananda Hall

September 23-25 the demolition of the old buildings at 125 W. Scotland Dr. took place. On Sunday, Sept. 28 the Center's adjacent property at 125 W. Scotland Dr. was surveyed and staked for the new Vedanta Center complex.

Demolition Demolition Demolition

Demolition in preparation for the Vivekananda Hall

On the following Monday, Sept. 29-October 3, workers began grading and leveling the property ground, laying gravel for the truck and equipment entrances, as well as laying the building's foundation boards for the City's inspection. On October 10th, the cement was poured to secure the foundation pilings. By Friday, October 24, the City of Irving had approved the Vedanta Center Complex foundation layout. Thus on Saturday morning, October 25 a large work crew assembled to assist in the pouring of the cement foundation of the new building. Framing began in November.

Foundation - Vivekananda Hall Foundation - Vivekananda Hall

Foundation for the Vivekananda Hall

Framing - Vivekananda Hall Framing - Vivekananda Hall Framing - Vivekananda Hall Framing - Vivekananda Hall Framing - Vivekananda Hall

Framing of the Vivekananda Hall and Multipurpose Room

By January 2015 the windows, electrical wiring, and sheet rock for the building was installed. By March 1st the doors were installed, the brick work was complete, the parking lot cement was poured, and the storm drains were installed.

Storm Drain - Vivekananda Hall Vahid Sadr Inspection - Vivekananda Hall Painting Preparation - Vivekananda Hall Brick Work - Vivekananda Hall

Storm Drain, Inspection by Vahid, Painting and Brick Work

Several snow storms and Dallas's unprecedented March rainfall set back the building project deadline by several weeks. Nevertheless, a sufficient number of consecutive dry weather days transpired so that the parking lot storm drain could be installed - a primary City building requirement. The several days of no rainfall also permitted the front yard leveling and top soil addition to take place. On Sunday, March 29, 200 drought resistant perennials and shrubs were planted at the new building site by a team of volunteers and workers. By the end of March, the new building's electrical work was near completion, and the appliances, flooring, hall mantle, and stage were installed

Front Garden - Vivekananda Hall Garden - Vivekananda Hall Painting Preparation - Vivekananda Hall Rear View Hall - Vivekananda Hall Multi-purpose Room - Vivekananda Hall Back of Multipurpose Room - Vivekananda Hall

Vivekananda Hall Complex: Garden, Shrine, Hall, and Multipurpose Room

April 14th was a red letter day for the Vedanta Society as, at long last, it received its Certificate of Occupancy from the City of Irving. This made it possible for the Vedanta Society to hold its public inaugural program.


April 18-19 was a grand and much anticipated weekend celebration for the Ramakrishna Vedanta Society of North Texas! Over 350 people registered for the two-day inauguration of the Vivekananda Hall and Vedanta Center Complex. Three guest swamis, eight interfaith representatives, and the Mayor of Irving participated in the program. In spite of heavy storms on both Friday and Saturday evenings, which downed the Center's large mulberry tree and threatened to flood the Center Complex, the daytime programs came off without a hitch. View Photos Here.


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